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Hope Christian School
[PHP, jQuery,
AJAX, MongoDB]

(2014 - Present)

My work for Hope Christian School began with a request to convert their eight page long student registration form into an online form to remove unnecessary paper work.

After the forms went live the response was incredible. Internal productivity skyrocketed; employees were able to process applications much more efficiently. As a bonus, their clients were very pleased with the much easier to use online forms. I was quickly brought back to design an entirely new website from the ground up.

The website features a complete members portal, user management tools, and automated online billing. The difference this has made for their business is palpable. New client registrations are at an all time high.

A members only sister website called HopeChristian.TV was created to provide clients with an easy and convenient way to access workshops and other videos posted by the school.

I approached Chris with the idea of taking our inefficient paper registration forms and making everything digital. Our forms were long, outdated, and did not offer the best experience for our customers.

He was able to take my ideas and make them a reality very quickly. Chris has managed to take our complicated forms and make them clean and simple, while still retaining the information we require on our forms.

In less than a year Chris has built us an entirely new website complete with a customer portal, automated billing and the back end databases to support it, a sister site called where we upload all of our informational videos, and countless other small things I've asked him to implement over the last few months.

The project as a whole continues to grow and we could not have made this a reality without Chris. He is particularly exceptional at listening to our needs and design requirements and turning them into something beautiful and functional

Our customers have responded very well to everything that has been implemented, it has been well worth the investment.
Thank you Chris!

Brandon Burchfield
IT Director
Hope Christian School
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[C/C++, Erlang,

(2012 - 2014)

Pcool Instant Messenger is a free full featured IM service that I started to meet the needs of my peers and I. It includes easy to use image sharing, file sharing, group voice chat, and video chat. Even though it's media rich it is very lightweight because it was built using C/C++ and Windows API; with special attention given to avoiding bloat and poor optimization.

I wrote the IM server software entirely in Erlang and it uses MongoDB as its database solution.

You can see this in detail on its website at

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